The Trap Turned Zaxby’s

Adventures of Takeoff & Friends

words by Mitch B.

My heart has been swoon as of late. It happens from time to time. I get so revved up in a moment that I forget about the broader themes. I’m sitting in my cubicle, in your average corporate America building. White columns. Patterned tube lights every direction. At any point I could get a call from Morpheus saying “I can guide you, but you must do exactly as I say”. Like any Friday afternoon, I’m in my own world. I pull out my iPhone, the cellar of my dreams, ambitions, and iTunes library. I need some Culture. No, not literally, but yes at this moment, I do. There’s only one song that can get me through these next 5 minutes. There’s only one song that will lift my spirit on this Friday afternoon.

plays “Call Casting”

Those keys. Those keys get me every time. What do they remind me of? Pin stripe suits, kung fu, Bollywood? Even as I type this out I realize how nonsensical these ideas popping up in my brain are. I need to make some sense of this.

Cue Takeoff. The 3rd Beatle. Quavo is clearly the Beyonce of the group. Offset stole the show in the Internet made Bad and Boujee. This is Takeoff’s time to shine. Family matters just became much more complicated because nephew came to play.

You can listen to this song about a hundred times and still not realize what the track is about. I’ve never asked myself about Migos’ affiliation with corporate southern chain, Zaxby’s, until this moment. Turns out. It’s not fun to say that you sell cocaine. In fact, it’s quite dangerous. On the other hand, if you replace your favorite drug with a silly word like chickens it’s amazing. Trap turned Zaxby’s. Migos preach a decree of valor and this song might as well be their value statement

We care about customer service. How many chickens? You can get em’ whichever way.

We care for our mission. I beat the pot with a passion (beat it up)

We continue to innovate. I dab in the latest fashion

A day in the life. Take Off is your average operations manager. Every day is routine and structure. Let me paint a picture.

Put the backends in the back.

You know the drill, I don’t have time to deal with my bundles of cash I receive for the concerts I perform.

Draco on me, it’s attached. Name a ninja with the pack. Name a ninja with the sack. Elem o’clock I got the MAC

We’re not talking about Malfoy. It’s elem o’clock, don’t be foolish to not be strapped (strapped)

She eat the molly like a snack

Just let that sink in.

The gold on my neck a plaque

Bando Shane’s Rib Shack (eat it up)

Rob the plug if he tax

Sip the lean and relax

Park the Lamb in the back (skrt, skrt)


The best part of using nonsensical phrases to describe illicit drugs is you can sneak an elementary diss and get by. I could drop this cold bar on my five year old cousin and not feel guilty that I’m corrupting him in this dark, dark world.

Alas, it’s four o’clock. And as I turn to my co-worker to bring up this fantasy of a track. I remember he doesn’t know about Migos, I’m about to share a song about illegal activities, vile language, and gender stereotypes. So I sit back down, put my headphones on, and think about why the song is titled “Call Casting”.