Magazine 001

The Friends and Family Issue Out Now

words by Empire Taste

Empire Taste started as a tongue-in-cheek Chinese takeout-branded creative house, a nod to our Asian American roots and the spirit of New York City’s creative community. We wanted to create a platform for untold stories and empower underrepresented artists to pursue their creative goals.

We started working with artists we believed in, consulting on various design and digital projects while simultaneously trying to figure out our new adult lives. As we’ve experimented and sought balance, there have been highlights as well as challenges throughout this journey. Luckily for us, we’ve always had our friends and family holding us down, supporting us wholeheartedly.

The Friends and Family Issue speaks to who we’re doing it for, and who we’re doing it with. There is nothing better than finding both personal and communal growth while working alongside your closest friends. By functioning together as a family, we’ve overcome obstacles to create a positive environment for our community.

We want to use this issue to showcase the opportunities that can come from a supportive network. And with that, we are honored to present our first issue both as a gift and as a re-introduction.

Dine with us.