Gucci Mane and Metro Boomin Want Some More

‘Droptopwop’ Comes with Bops and Flops

words by Alex Wen

Shortly after Droptopwop dropped, news came out that Gucci Mane and Metro Boomin had produced the project in just two days, and only stopped because Metro fell asleep. It’d be a stunning revelation if the subjects weren’t two of the most prolific artists in the hip-hop game right now. Instead, it was business as usual–and so too is Droptopwop.

The project sticks to familiar ground for the both of them, Metro throwing out an array of punchy–if similar–beats, and Gucci effortlessly working through each one with a sense of humor in tow.

“5 Million Intro” starts the project with a moment of levity (it would also mean Gucci is raking in a cool $1.8B per year), while setting a tone of goofiness. “Helpless” continues the trend with Gucci documenting encounters with women–and how it makes him weak. “Bucket List” plays like a laundry list of things he can buy now. The chorus has him flexing:

Bucket list, drop top ‘Rari, scratch that off my bucket list
Bucket list, make a match and scratch that off my bucket list
Bucket list, super bad bitch and she rich like Gucci rich

It’s casual and entertaining, but nothing more. Offset, 2 Chainz, (the still underrated) Young Dolph, and Rick Ross all join in on the fun too with “Met Gala,” “Both Eyes Closed,” and “Loss 4 Wrdz,” respectively. Offset’s contribution is the most memorable, trading bars with Gucci on a beat that’s tailor-made for his rapid-fire ad-libs.

This overarching relaxed vibe makes Droptopwop friendlier and more laidback, a warm vacation playlist for the summer, but the informality makes it expendable–a throwaway in a massive catalog. Some of that is also on Metro Boomin. “Met Gala” or “Bucket List” are effective because they feature an extra sparkle on the standard trap beat, but many of the other tracks do resemble something that was made in a 2-day marathon session–an impressive feat, a less impressive result.

Even when the topics run dry and Gucci is out of things to say, he remains charming and engaging. It wouldn’t be surprising to find Droptopwop as a weekly hangout between Gucci and Metro, where they goof off rapping about anything, everything or nothing. That might be the true achievement here, where their disposables still meet a certain quality. While Droptopwop fails to stand out, its existence only serves to reinforce its subjects as standouts.